Winter 2015


Personal Project


Visual Design, Interaction Design

Current Problem and Situation

Considered one of The Seattle Times' top ten visitor attractions in Seattle, the Seattle Aquarium sees thousands of visitors annually. However, while the aquarium sees first-times visitors frequently, rarely do those visitors return; especially Seattle city-dwellers. (Seattle Times) Their website and promotional design lacks the vibrant and modern punch that the interior architecture and exhibit space exudes- something that, if altered, could bring more to the space.

Creating the Visual Identity



Primary Color

A huge part of wayfinding and promotional advertising is immediate legibility- thus, I chose the clean, modern sans-serif Apercu in its three weights for hierarchy, and an accent font of Baskerville Italic for large-scale advertisements.


For the logo, I chose to use a simple wave as a visual representation for the aquarium- something both symbolically recognizable and distinguishable.


The logo must always have at least 10 px of spacing around it from the outermost point of the circle at all times for maxium scalability.


Designing the App Experience

This is an application intended for a user about to visit the exhibit or already within the exhibit. It does not intend for the aquarium to offer more than it already does; rather, it simply facilitates the activities and exhibits and the aquarium in current existence.


For the application, it seemed necessary that four levels of information be communicated: a "home," or a central place for top level information; an information section with frequently asked questions, ticket prices, etc; a location section that allows the user to see where they are in reference to other exhibits and their information; and events going on that day.

Final App UI with Visual Solution

Further Branding

As the identity of the Seattle Aquarium relies on far more than just visual UI, I also created mockups of what promotional advertising might look like, as well as their website and catalogue for print viewing.



Seattle Aquarium Redesign


This redesign aims to attract those who have visited the Seattle Aquarium before to see the site in a new light, and for those yet to go to the attraction to see aquariums themselves in a unique way. For this redesign, I created a new visual identity for the aquarium, applied that identity to the branding of the design, and designed a new service application to aid those visiting the site.


Secondary Color

Apercu Light Apercu Regular Apercu Bold Baskerville Italic

The application's home page shows an infinite scroll list of upcoming events, need to know facts (like hours, dates open, prices), special and featured exhibits, and more. These are customizable on the side of the Seattle Aquarium; all they have to do is update the photo and information.


For information, clarity is most important. Here, as shown in the previous wireframes, each section is listed and, when clicked upon, expands to show full information.


As the application is designed for those currently at the Seattle Aquarium, the user can toggle to the pin on the bottom tab bar and see exactly where they are in the aquarium, and where other exhibits around them are. They can deep dive to learn more about those exhibits.


In order to make the application scalable and usable by both visitors and employees, the events calendar is simple and color-blocked. The employees do not constantly need to update photos for each event; rather, they must simply add the information and the system will update the application.




Accent Color

Wireframes and Navigation